Sunday, April 06, 2003

April 6, 2003

One can almost imagine the wacked mentality that back in 1999 or so dreamt up a preemptive WAR in order to establish a friendly nation in what is now known as the Middle East. The PNAC brainiacs who dreampt up an American Hegomony on Planet Earth and published their findings in 2000 were delusional, arrogant, and ignorant. Their faulty intelligence got us into an intractable chaotic death march to oil. These neo-con nit-wits who had no clue about Islam thought they could just waltz in to Iraq with overwhelming military force, shut-'em down and replace Islam with Paul Bremmer and Co. Seriously. They had no idea.

To Wit:

A) The US engages in a preemptive, invasive WAR in order to topple the regime of a potentially threatening third world Tyrant who just happens to control a significant percentage of the Planet’s oil reserves. Then, once the Armed Forces seize control of the government, a "Coalition" Government- not UN- will spread the gospel of Democracy until such time as elections can be held. The military/police presence in Iraq will "ensure the domestic tranquility" - i.e., no religious rallies, religious broadcasts, etc, etc. - while a "government in waiting" is groomed for the task of campaigning for whatever they decide to call "The Office" of the new secular/capitalist Iraq.

And then the US will have a Mediterranean Friend in the oil rich Desert.

The first Shah of Iraq, whoever it eventually is, could never actually be the Shah of Iraq, of course; but in our greedy oily heart of hearts he will be. Iraq can learn a lot from a born-again Texan.

Democracy in the Oil Fields. Just imagine that PNAC dream. Unfortunately, it's the French in IndoChina, or the British in America.

(B) The only question is: how long will the people of Iraq endure the separation of Church and State? A governmental expedient, Saddam learned both from Stalin and Tito that autocracy trumps religious and ethnic divisions. However, many religious people in Iraq and elsewhere would doubtless work and sacrifice to drive the Christian West (in all its blasphemous secularity) out of the Muslim Near East.

As it is said, those who forget the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them. And the people of the Middle East who have lived there for, oh, seven or so thousand years have a sense, a memory, a religion and a History that keeps the past always in their very being, in their bodies, their minds, their language. And while the US attempts to blot all of that out (the looting of the Museum of Bagdad, for instance), the Crusades happened on their homeland, not on ours. Arabian lands are seeped in the blood of Muslim martyrs and will continue to be until the JudeoChristian Western Coalition leaves them to rule themselves, even if they choose a Theocracy (which in its very essence the US finds offensive). The irony of which is lost on most politicians.

There are larger issues at stake here and ONLY visionary leaders will be able to articulate them to the Muslim Peoples. I believe that in times of crisis, eloquent, forceful spokesmen rise up to unite a people, to unite even disparate tribes in a common cause.

History is clear on this. And Human history is also clear that often these men have often as not been executed (from Socrates and Jesus, to Ghandi, King, RFK, and JFK). And in that made martyrs by their "followers." And in their martyrdom lies a course of History that might become very potent indeed were it not for the overwhelming forces arrayed against them.

It is not until Christendom abandons it imperialistic/military occupancy in the Muslim Near East will suicide martyrs cease to be. That's a fact.

(C) Do the American People believe that we ought to go to Iraq and set up a puppet government so that we can continue to drive Hummer/SUVs to the corner store? What percentage of the total known supply of oil is being consumed in this WAR to rescue the Iraqi and Kurdish peoples from the clutches of a madman? Is anyone keeping track of US consumption of energy to maintain this WAR?

See, it really had nothing to do with the Iraqi People. This WAR isn’t really upon "their" land, "their" country; its not to free them from the clutches of a murderous psychopathic Tyrant and his debauched Regime. It's not the Tyrant Saddam we’re out to destroy. It's Saddam’s Iraq that we are liberating. It's his Regime that we must topple. That the Iraqi Peoples may be the collateral beneficiaries of our elimination Saddam’s Government, and coincidentally, "his" possession of the country’s oil fields, is merely an afterthought but more or less justifies the humanitarian goodwill at the root of this war.

The Iraqi people are of no consequence, however, and the innocent will die. It's not "their" country and any more than a Kingdom belongs to a peasant, or the Vatican belongs to a catholic, or the Military belongs to the footsoldier. We are not fighting and dying for Mr and Mrs Iraqi and their family. They are nothing, little more than collateral. Though, no doubt, they will be led to accept the fact that they are "represented" in the National Government by Iranians who will serve their best interests (unlike Saddam). Oh ya, and they will vote.

But will the Coalition Government take polls in village after village to learn what/who the Iraqi People want in Bagdad? Not likely. To the Victor goes the spoils. No? And to insure that simple fact the presence of a military/police force will be a constant reminder to the Iraqi Peoples that they are yet subjugated and given over to whatever Government the Coalition establishes. ["Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss"] the US has established huge city-like permanent military bases, lest anyone misconceive the imperialistic intent of the US Government.

And ALL this madness and killing and destruction and chaos so that a soccer mom can drive a $45,000 suv with seating for 7 that gets 11 mpg and the NASCAR and the NHRA can burn up the tracks.

Have a nice day.
April 6, 2003