Sunday, November 20, 2016


Democrats Need a Tea Party of the Left
A grassroots insurrection successfully transformed the Republican Party. Progressives need to emulate it.

By Eric Sasson
November 14, 2016

I have maintained this for some time now, and especially after reading Chris Hedges' "Death of the Liberal Class".

But getting the progressive left on message, getting "liberals" out in the street protesting, getting Whole Foods moms to drop the lattes and pick up placards and march in the streets will be some undertaking.

The Teapartiers mobilized under a single unifying banner. They were single message mobilizers who took to the streets, demanded that their message resonate with those equally disaffected and filled with hate, and put up candidates who voiced their mantra. The last time the Left did anything remotely like this was 1968.

I'm done with hope. Action, resistance, rebellion, mobilized obstruction are the tools required.