Thursday, January 02, 2003

The Concept of the Enemy.

Who promulgates the twisted notion of "the enemy?" Who is the enemy?! What is an enemy? Why is someone else's enemy my enemy? There is too damn much bullshit about the enemy. Cripes!! Hasn't anyone read Dalton Trumbo? Maybe if Johnny Got His Gun was required reading among the "cognoscenti" the ideas bandied about so forthrightously by the Powers That Be might be dissented from. Maybe.

The enemy is one who would attempt to lay a hand on me in an aggressively forceful manner, who perhaps threatened to kill me. That would be my enemy.

But there are however, to be sure, many varieties of enemy. The enemy may be a mass media attempting to lay its grubby hands on my brain. The enemy, as we used to say back in the day, may be the Establishment. The one that Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about. The enemy is small-mindedness, jingoism, religious fervor, and any ism that either corrupts human nature or blinds it to anything other than itself.

The enemy of the people is and always has been its Rulers. The Powers That Be. Can one think of greater enemies to Peace than World Leaders? They're all psychopathic as far as I can see. They love the Engines of Death and Destruction. They love the power to command. Screw them!

Has there, for instance, in the past two millennia, been a greater menace than the Catholic Church? Besides its many wars, campaigns, inquisitions and missionaries, the Catholic Church made sex an evil dirty thing. And see how, now, its repressive anti-human prohibitions of sexuality are witnessed in the collapse of the Catholic priesthood. Abominable. Execrable. Degenerate. Predatory. But in the long and tawdry history of the goddamned Catholic Church pedophilic priests are merely the most recent outrage against Humanity. Screw the Catholic Church. They are and ever have been one of the Enemies of the People. Because no Power corrupts as absolutely as the power to control one's spirit.

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