Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Gulf disaster has exposed the tip of the spear in terms of the incestuous and sickening relationship between Government and Corporation. Indeed, it certainly appears that the MMS was a cruel parody of Government played at our expense.

Were Tom Paine alive he would be outraged. Menken would be outraged. Mark Twain would be outraged. Frankly, I’m not getting as much outrage as I would like.

Listen, how and when will this madness end?

Will the madness end?

Because this is Madness. We have unleashed a deadly Horror from the Bowels of the Earth and cannot plug It.

Thursday, June 3

Holy Shit!! Just turned on “Countdown” (8:12pm) and an animation of the scenerio from day one to 90 or so days from now was aired. Wow. Up the East Coast and into the North Atlantic via the Gulf Stream. Wow.

Of course, it’s the Gulf Stream that brings warm water up America’s Eastern Seabord and then out to the British Isles As marine conservationist Rick Steiner said, it’d be ironic if it wasn’t so dire. []

Here’s what I say… I want more academics to get on this friggin Problem!! Forget the BP/Governement nexus. Ok? Let’s stick to independent academic analysis. That’s what I want. University scholars/professors/researchers need to get on this subject post haste and get the news out about their analysis, their findings, their speculations, their best guesses as to what this means in the short and long haul.

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