Friday, November 19, 2010

Sat June 5, 2010

Imagining the End of Life as we know it. Not something we are wont to dwell upon, yet here it is:

By September, 2010 our ‘local’ Biosphere will be radically altered by the vast quantities of deadly toxins mixing in the Gulf of Mexico and heading out to Sea. The Ecology not just of the Gulf and the States that form it, but the Atlantic Ocean’s Gulf Stream will be negatively impacted. To what degree of harm no one can say yet. But over the course of this summer it will become increasingly apparent as the data becomes available.

The BP/Government nexus will no longer be relevant because Science will tell the tale. The evidence and data from marine biologists, ecologists, environmentalists, and all kinds of primary researchers will overwhelm “official” pronunciamento.

Generally marginalized in the media and by politicians, academics must get over being camera shy and come to the fore in the analysis of this catastrophy.

Addendum: November 19, 2010

5 months later....How naive and optimistic that an ongoing inquiry by academics and government agencies would be establishing the facts, refering the guilty to the Courts (and bringing the National Guard back from Afghanistan to rebuild the Gulf Coast. Hahahah....)

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