Friday, August 19, 2005

April 6, 2003

One can almost imagine the wacked mentality that dreamt up a preemptive WAR in order to establish a friendly nation in the Near East.
To Wit:

The US engages in a preemptive, invasive WAR in order to topple the regime of a potentially threatening third world Tyrant who just happens to control the second largest percentage of the Planet’s oil reserves. Then, once the Armed Forces seize control of the tyrant's government a "Coalition" Government will spread the gospel of Democracy until such time as elections can be held. The military/police presence in Iraq will "ensure the domestic tranquility" while a government in waiting is groomed for the task of campaigning for a new secular/capitalist Iraq.

And then the US will have a stake, a "footprint" in the oil rich Near East Desert.

But, remember the Shah of Iran? He, whoever it eventually (as Hamid Karzai is in Afghanistan) could never actually be the Shah of Iraq, of course; but in our greedy, oily heart of hearts that is precisely what is required. Iraq can learn a lot from a born-again Texan. Democracy in Muslim Oil Fields. Just imagine.......

The unfortunate comparison, however, is the French in IndoChina, or the British in America. Doomed. Before the oil runs dry some Iraqi el presidente will be shot in the head by a martyr. Mark it.

The only question is: will the people of Iraq allow the separation of Church and State? It is clear that Muslims will doubtless work and sacrifice for however long it takes to drive the Christian West (in all its blasphemous secularity) out of Muslim lands. As the man said, those who forget the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them. And the people who have lived in the Middle East for, oh, ten thousand years or so (compared with our five hundred) have a collectilve memory embodied in Islam that keeps the past always in their present.

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