Saturday, January 15, 2011

Things have gone from terrible to terrible being the status quo.

[Boy, there is another word that has lost its meaning….Something that inspires terror is terrible. Nothing else is really terrible. The terrible is the truly unspeakable. War is, by definition, terrible.

Terror is the word of the last decade, though, that’s for sure. Wars because of it, mass murders because of it, just crazy shit because of Terror. Terror Alerts. Terrorists. Terror Attacks….ad nauseum]

And so, here’s the Irony of Tuscon….This demented kid fired 31 rounds into a community gathering. He is a terrorist. He inspired Terror. His actions resulted in something terrible. Unspeakable. And yet (here’s the irony), in his wacked ‘mind’ I’d venture to say that he felt terrorized by the System (however one cares to delineate that term). That he believed he was being terrorized by Big Government. And exercising his ‘Second Amendment remedy’ against the tyranny of Government, this madman started shooting human beings who wanted to hear and talk to their Congresswoman.

But that’s not the whole story….

This lunatic’s incoherent notions didn’t just come out of thin air…well, I take that back, they came out of radio waves and internets and video broadcasts. Thin air. The echo chamber of the extreme right wing sociopath.

This guy’s madness was nurtured by extremists in our midst. Extremists in the use of language and imagery who inspire stupid lunatics with guns. That’s the bottom line.

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